MURALS // Dalhousie Ag. Campus – Truro, NS

Dalhousie Ag. Campus – Truro, NS

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The centre of the mural shows the medicine wheel, representing the four colours, the four seasons, the four directions. There are many teachings in the medicine wheel. It can also represent the circle of life.

The whale ( putup) represents the water and all the water cycles and the life that depends on the water. The tree is connected to the earth and the air, we breath in what the trees breathe out and vice versa, that is how we survive.

The eagle ( kitpu) is an important element in my paintings, they are protectors and represent love.

The painting reminds us to honour the cycles and respect all the elements when we work with the land.

The hummingbird ( militaw) symbolizes beauty, joy and playfulness.

The Moose spirit( tiam) coming into the mural from the side is a woodland creature, tiam stands for protecting habitats and the need to share the earth in a good and respectful way.

Msit no’kmaq