MURALS // Msit No’kmaq

Msit No’kmaq

by | Mar 1, 2023 | 0 comments

This painting represents relationships that are mutually respectful.

In the Mi’kmaq tradition eagles represent respect. In the painting their wings are touching and the colours compliment each other. The wings are also wrapped around the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel contains many teachings and honours all of mankind, as well as the different seasons of the year and of life and four directions. Inside the medicine wheel is the petroglyph found in Bedford , created about 500 years ago, a witness to Mi’kmaq presence in the Kjipuktuk ( Halifax) area.
The painting reminds us that the sun shines on everyone and to treat all our relations with respect and honour different ways of being in this world.

This mural is located at BIRD Construction in Bedford, Nova Scotia.