MURALS // Netukulimk


by | Mar 1, 2022

Mural at the NSCC in Middelton  Annapolis Valley Campus March 2022

The mural represents the relationship among people and the same time our interconnection with the natural world.

In the painting the tree fits perfectly into the shape of the eagle wings, This shows how our lives are connected, how we depend on each other. We breath in the fresh air that the tree breathes out and vice versa, the exchange of oxygen, how we share the same air.

The Eagle (Kitpu) in Mi’kmaq is the symbol for love, it shows us that our relationships are better when based on love, kindness and understanding. Netukulimk is a Mi’kmaw word that describes a way of life and our relationship with the natural world and how we take care of each other. It refers to the sustainable and wise use of our resources, so that people and nature can coexist for generations to come.